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Orders for any of the books appearing in the catalogue can be placed by e-mail, phone or facsimile to the following:

Telephone Number:
+353 91 529980

Facsimile Number:
+353 91 589533



Catalogue 2017

Click image above to download our 2018 Catalogue

Irish Art - Irish Artists & Book Illustrators

Dear Bibliophile/Collector,

Healy Rare books, founded in 1999 by Norman Healy, has evolved into a major business specialising in scarce books of Irish interest.

We issue comprehensive annual catalogues, beautifully illustrated in colour in early Autumn and each issue contains between 1,200 and 1,500 items containing numerous scarce and sought after rareities.

We deal extensively in the works of Yeats, Heaney, Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien and the 1916 heroes, Pearse, McDonagh, Plunkett and Casement. We are also major specialists in Irish Art catalogues, art reference books, including Pilkington, Strickland, Crookshank, Snoddy, Pyle etc and books illustrated by Jack B. Yeats, William Orpen, Harry Clarke, John Doyle and Richard Doyle.

While our business is mainly mail order, existing customers are always welcome to our hospitable home, by appointment, at Lioscarraig, Threadneedle Road, Galway.

As our customers are aware, our catalogues contain a fraction of our varied stock and your "wants lists" and individual requests are welcomed. We are also major buyers of quality Irish Libraries and rare individual items and we consistently pay best prices.

Our most recent catalogue, 2010/2011 Number 10 is listed on the following pages and new catalogues will be updated in December each year.

Tel 353 - 91 - 529980

Address: Lioscarraig, Threadneedle Road, Galway.

I trust you will discover something of interest and thank you for your continued support.

Norman Healy (Galway, Ireland )


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